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SOLD!! Real Estate, Water Valley and Outlying Areas By Debbie Ashcroft, Specializing in Rural Alberta Real Estate. Your Local Real Estate Professional.                   

(Debbie's Additional Recent Rural Sales Water Valley, Calgary and Neighbouring Towns, Villages & Hamlets)


Listed as Oldest to Newest. 


MLS#                                                 PROPERTY                                       REPRESENTING



C3335741                                             1996 Home, Mackenzie Lake, Calgary                                             Buyer

C3345884                                                     Home on 2 acres, Sundre                                                       Buyer

C3348184                                       Land, 153 acres, Burnt Timber, Nr Water Valley                                      Buyer

C3347742                                            1193.73 sqft 2 bedroom home, Calgary                                            Seller

C3364890                              Home on 2.25 acres, The Siding Subdivision, Water Valley                              Buyer

C3287302                                            New Home, Sunset Heights, Cochrane                                             Buyer

C3344586                                            1463.9 sqft 2 bedroom home, Calgary                                              Seller

C3285397                                    Home on 1.4 acres, Winchell Lake, Nr Water Valley                         Buyer & Seller

C3302223                                       Home on 7 acres, Dog Pound, Nr Water Valley                                        Buyer

C3243472                                  Land, 160 acres, Fallen Timber Area, Nr Water Valley                                    Buyer

C3372182                                            House, 173 Sunet Heights, Cochrane                                                Buyer

C3351552                            Acreage/Land 1.7 Acres, 14 Castle Laynes Estates, Water Valley                          Buyer

C3368047                                Country Home on Acreage, Little Red Acres, Water Valley                                Seller

C3376589                                   Luxury Home/Acreage, 13 Taylor Drive, Water Valley                                   Seller

C3375255                          Country Bungalow on 1.58 Acres, Westward Heights, Water Valley                          Buyer

C3379556                                  Executive Country Estate Home on 8 Acres, Didsbury                                    Buyer

C3356781                                    3 Bedroom Bungalow, McDonald Close, Carstairs                                        Buyer

C3390685                           Cedarglen Built 2 Storey Home, 242 Royal Oak Place, Calgary                              Seller

C3390042                                   6 Bedroom Family Home, 6 Bow Place, Cochrane                                         Buyer

EXCLUSIVE SALE               Beautiful Cedar Home On Acreage, Castle Laynes Estates, Water Valley         Buyer & Seller

C3379128                              Land, 76 Acres with Home, Fallen Timber Area, Nr Water Valley                          Buyer

C3365483                                                  Land, 5.2 Acres, Water Valley                                                     Seller

C3386002                                  Home on 1.23 Acres, 7 Westward Heights, Water Valley                                Seller

EXCLUSIVE SALE                             Cabin on 3 Acres, Little Red Estates, Water Valley                          Buyer & Seller

C3394283                        Beautiful Custom Built Bungalow Water Valley Heights, Water Valley                        Seller 

EXCLUSIVE SALE    Immaculate Home On 5.41 Acres, Beautiful Black Bear Ridge Estates, Water Valley             Seller

C3390005                        5 Bedroom Walkout Bungalow On 1.3 Acres, Winchell Lake, Water Valley                  Seller

C3391936                                      Home and Commercial Business, Town of Sundre                                    Buyer

C3394258                    New Executive Home On 3 Beautiful Acres, Helms Estates, Water Valley                        Seller 

C3398372                     New 5 Bedroom Home On 1.580 Acres, 21 Westward Heights, Water Valley                   Buyer 

EXCLUSIVE SALE    Fantastic 5 Bedroom Home On 2.89 Teed Acres, 15 Lower Ridgelands, Water Valley   Buyer & Seller 

EXCLUSIVE SALE              Full Quarter Section (160 Acres) Treed, Views, West Water Valley, AB              Buyer & Seller

C3417905                     Home on 82 Acres, Perfect Horse Setup, Elkton Valley, Nr Water Valley                        Buyer 

C3364738                          Land 109 Acres, West of Bowden, Rural Red Deer County, AB                                Buyer 

C3444210                          4 Bedroom Bungalow Triple Garage, The Vistas, Olds, Alberta                                Seller

C3445328                       New  2400 Sqft Home, 16 Ridge View Close, Cochrane, Alberta                                 Buyer 

C3421812           Elegant Country Log Style Home, On 5.2 Acres, 12 Black Bear Ridge, Water Valley, AB             Seller 

C3446894      Beautiful Lower Ridgelands Custom Built Home & Shop, On 2 Acres, Water Valley, AB        Buyer & Seller 

EXCLUSIVE SALE         Quarter Section (160 Acres) North West Water Valley, Mountain View County, AB              Buyer 

C3460738                   Land 5.31 Acres, Treed, Creek. Lot 6 Water Valley Heights, Water Valley, AB       Buyer & Seller

C3459610     Executive 5 Bedroom Home, 3 Car Garage. 51 Montenaro Bay, Cochrane Lake, Cochrane, AB          Buyer 

C3456593           1981 Recreational Cabin on 1.7 Acres. Winchell Lake, South of Water Valley, Alberta                Buyer

C3463834        2003 Cardel Built Home, 3 Bedrooms. 47 Panamount Lane, North West, Calgary, Alberta             Seller

C3433275        2003 3,523sqft Custom Built Country Home. 9 Westward Heights, Water Valley, Alberta    Buyer & Seller   

C3464619          3 Bedroom Bi Level Town House, 14A Sierra Drive, Olds, Alberta, Canada                                 Seller

C3472796               Home on 2.47 Acres, Bunkhouse, Treed, Sundre, Alberta, Canada                                     Buyer

C3477428             5 Acres of Beautiful Treed & Lake View Land, Winchell Lake, Nr Water Valley, Alberta             Seller

C3462358            3 Bedroom Townhouse. 1701 Signal Hill Green, SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada                        Seller

C3481082              1.71 Acres of land, Castle Laynes Estates, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                   Buyer & Seller

C3463002            5 Bedroom Home on 1 Acre. Little Red Acres, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                           Seller

C3464279                  3 Bedroom Home. 111 Cremona Heights, Cremona, Alberta, Canada                                Seller

C3484044            Country Home in the woods on 3.21 Acres, Fallen Timber, Nr Water Valley, Alberta        Buyer & Seller

C3467343         Beautiful Country Home On 5.5 Acres. 6 Black Bear Ridge Estates, Water Valley, Alberta   Buyer & Seller

C3489519       2002 2 Bedroom Bungalow, Attached Garage.  610 6 Ave, Brookside Subivison, Sundre, Alberta      Buyer

EXCLUSIVE SALE        5.21 Acres of Land, Private and Treed. Winchell Lake, Nr Water Valley, Alberta                    Seller

C3493173          4 Bedroom Home on 4.99 Acres. Fallen Timber, Nr Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                       Seller

C3488129           3 Bedroom Luxury Home on 1.99 Acres, Lower Ridgelands Estates, Water Valley, Alberta            Seller

C3467782                         Home and Hobby Farm on 5 Acres, Big Prairie Road, Cremona, Alberta                    Seller

C3506229                      2009 2 Storey, 3 Bedroom Home. 113 Sunset Heights, Cochrane, Albertra                   Buyer

C3493117                      2003 2 Storey, 4 Bedroom Home. 183 Gleneagles NW, Cochrane, Alberta                    Buyer

C3530312                      2001 2 Storey, 3 Bedroom Home. 14 Royal Birch Circle NW Calgary, Alberta                Seller

EXCLUSIVE SALE                 5 Acres of Land, Winchell Lake, South Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                      Buyer

C3524584                      2007 2 Storey, 4 Bedroom Home. 94 Tuscany Summit GR NW, Calgary, Alberta           Buyer

C3493997                  Country Chalet on 1.94 Acres, 3 Bedrooms, Lower Ridgelands, Water Valley AB    Buyer & Seller

C3522482                    Land 3.11 Acres, Winchell Lakes Estates, Near Water Valley, Alberta, Canada     Buyer & Seller

C3537246                    3 Bedroom Home on 1.46 Acres, Little Red Acres, Water Valley, Alberta                      Buyer

C3546806                           3 Bedroom Home, 434 Webb Avenue, Cremona, Alberta, Canada                          Seller

C3525435                   2 Bedroom Condo. 2102, 505 Railway Street W, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada                   Buyer

C3547138                         Home on 160 Acres, Fallen Timber Area, Near Water Valley, Alberta            Buyer & Seller

EXCUSIVE SALE                        155 Acres of Ranch Land, SW Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                Buyer & Seller

C3548950                             Beautiful Log Home on 9.71 Acres, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                       Seller

C3560008                           3 Bedroom Home. 722 Harvest Hills Drive, NE Calgary, Alberta                             Seller

EXCLUSIVE SALE                        3 Bedroom Home. 111 Cremona Heights, Cremona, Alberta                Buyer & Seller

C3559823                               1 Bedroom Condo. 307, 201 Sunset Drive, Cochrane, Alberta                           Buyer

MLS#6550 Red Deer Board         3 Bedroom Home. 1224 Westview Drive, Bowden, Alberta                                Buyer

C3517556                               Brand New 3 Bedroom Home on 0.5 Acres, Sundre, Alberta                    Buyer & Seller

C3473682                          Recreational Property. 30 Bergen Springs Estates. Bergen, Alberta                         Seller

C3556319                   3 Bedroom Home, Horse Setup on 13 Acres. 284153 R.R31, Madden, Alberta                 Buyer

C3552732                     50.26 Acres of Prime Land, Rocky Mountain Views, Fallen Timber, Alberta                    Buyer 

C3568956                       Fantastic 4 Bedroom Home. 49 McDonald Close, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada               Seller

C3549657                       Executive Country Home on 9.25 Acres, Bearspaw, Nr Calgary, Alberta                       Buyer

C3569697                              Country Cottage on 10 Acres. Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                  Buyer & Seller

C3572174                    Executive Country Lake home. Monterra, Cochrane Lake, Cochrane, Alberta                   Seller

C3564142                                 Country Home on 1 Acre. Caroline, Alberta, Canada                                       Buyer

C3529151                      Land, 14.21 Acres, Incredible Rocky Mountain Views, Bergen, Alberta               Buyer & Seller

C3564873                       3 Bedroom Chalet Style Home on 5.7 Acres, Cremona Area, Alberta                           Buyer

C3580706                          4 Bedroom Home. 107 Stonegate Crescent, NW, Airdrie, Alberta                             Seller

C3568486                            4 Bedroom Home. 138 West pointe Court, Cochrane, Alberta                               Seller

C3557282               4 Bedroom Home On 1.78 Acres, Lower Ridgelands Estates, Water Valley, Alberta              Seller

C3556498                   4 Bedroom Country Home On 3 Acres, Dogpound, Near Water Valley, Alberta      Buyer & Seller

C3552914                     2008 3 Bedroom Colonial Style Home On 5.71 Acres, Water Valley, Alberta                   Seller

C3576637                   84.26 Acres Of Prime Development Land, Glennifer Lake, Spruce View, Alberta               Seller

C3558636             5 Bedroom Cedar Country Home on 1.62 Aces. Castle Laynes Estates, Water Valley, AB         Seller

C3561825                     4 Bedroom Home/Horse Setup On 9 Acres, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada        Buyer & Seller 

C3571270                         5 Bedroom Home, 330 1 Street East, Cremona, Alberta, Canada                             Seller
C3581557                                   3 Bedroom Home 218 10 Ave NE, Sundre, Alberta                                        Buyer

C3587882                  4 Bedroom 3,350 sqft Home on 4 Acres, Water Valley Heights, Water Valley, AB               Buyer

C3584572                        Home And Farm On 150 Acres, Near Airdrie, Rocky View County, Alberta                    Seller

C3597711                    Family Home On Oversized Corner Lot. 329 Centre Street, Cremona, Alberta                 Seller

EXCLUSIVE SALE            160 Acres Prime Mountain View Land, Cochrane, Rocky View County, Alberta      Buyer & Seller

C3568258                        20 Acres Of Beautiful Mountain View Land, Bergen, Alberta, Canada              Buyer & Seller

C3599845                3 Bedroom Chalet Style Log Home on 4 Acres, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                    Seller

C3597179                         Home on 1.3 Acres, Winchell Lake, Water Valley, Alberta, Canada                           Buyer

C3573147                       Executive Country Home on 7.5 Acres, Bergen, Nr Water Valley, AB                            Seller

C3593769                                   2007 4 Bedroom Home, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada                                      Buyer

C3577567                Cedar Country Home on 4.65 Acres, Black Bear Ridge Estates, Water Valley, AB      Buyer & Seller

C3599919                        Beautiful Country Home on 1.28 Acres, Bergen Area Near Sundre Alberta                   Buyer