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To think back now it all makes sense, all my experiences have brought me to this wonderful place I am at today and curved my desire to excel in this industry.  The very important challenges this industry brings, I pride myself on doing everything I can to make the experience I have with my clients an educated and most memorable event.

Meet Debbie

It all started for Debbie in Edmonton, Alberta where she grew up and had interest in the Real Estate Industry as soon as she graduated from High School.  Selling New Homes with Melcor Homes, led to leasing/rental of Real Estate with a large Condominium Corporation.   This then lead to new inspirations and the desire to excel with entrepreneurial desire put Debbie right in the middle of West Edmonton Mall part owner of a very successful Hair & Beauty Salon.  This endeavour had a very steep learning curve and the successes and business experience was priceless!

A new opportunity took Debbie in a different direction which allowed a passion to travel, experience the world and all its wonders, opening up a new door to which she spent the next 12 years Working for 3 major Airlines.


Becoming grounded became a big focus for Debbie and her family as they moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2004.  Now more than ever living a rural lifestyle and putting down some roots were more important than ever. 




Coming across the Community of Water Valley, Alberta was like love at first sight, no other place would do.  It offers everything they were looking for.  Finding the perfect acreage and settling down and wasting no time to get back to the industry Debbie had always excelled at and now more than ever felt a passion not only for the industry but for the area she was going to sell.

Wanting to be a part of the community and with Debbie’s back ground experience in teaching gymnastics and dance she held local weekly classes for young children, which was a great success.

Debbie approaches every challenge with tenacity and dedication as she has given everything in her life.  Now more than ever family and enjoyment accompanied with perseverance, integrity, honesty and understanding are some important rules to live by.

Today Debbie uses her positive and uplifting personality and proven continued success in the industry to help others achieve success.  As a Premier Real Estate Agent she knows all too well how important the sale or purchase of a family home is.  That is why she takes such great pride in helping those who have placed their trust in her to achieve the very best.




By giving her clients tools and resources they need, she helps her clientele make informed decisions about their real estate investments now as well as in years to come. 


Helping others realize a dream and taking the time to give back to her Community and family is something Debbie has made a point of doing all her life.  The Community of Water Valley has many wonderful attributes and incredible people who make it a very special place to call home.

If you are looking to buy or sell a Rural property use an expert who is dedicated and specializes in this type of Real Estate, you’ll be glad you did!


When looking for a Great Realtor, their Website Exposure on the Internet is extremely important for Sellers and Buyers.

Look no further!!! Debbie's Real Estate Website has the Best Exposure on the World Wide Web for Water Valley Alberta and surrounding areas, consisting of Rural Real Estate listings in local Towns, Hamlets and everything in between. 

With hundreds of NEW HITS!! a week on her Website, New Client Contacts daily and Returning Clients, looking for that perfect property.

Debbie invests Enormously in her Website to keep it highly ranked on Google and other search engines, it is easy to find and easy to navigate. So what are you waiting for!! Come back and visit often, as she is always adding great new property listings all the time.


Debbie has been featured in various Real Estate Magazines and Websites, such as Property Wire - Insight From 5 Top Producing Canadian Realtors.

A Few Questions from Debbie’s Interview by Carla Wood of Property Wire in 2010- 2011

Insight from 5 Top Performing Canadian Realtors

Part 1      

Do you work alone or have a team? What is the makeup of your team? 

Debbie Ashcroft of Sutton Group in Calgary has worked on her own for her six-years in the business, which keeps her busy but she wouldn't have it any other way.  Working directly with each client keeps her in close contact with all clients, and is manageable thanks to technology and a good brokerage.

Did you have or do you have a real estate mentor? 

Debbie Ashcroft was fortunate enough about 6 months into her real estate career, to meet a wonderful fellow Realtor® with whom she worked with for a brief period.  Her mentor had been in the business about five years prior to Debbie launching onto the scene, and brought a lot of learning’s to her which she continues to apply to her business today.

How would you describe your brand identity or image? 

With a Calgary office, Debbie Ashcroft specializes in rural real estate, elegant country living and lifestyle.  Her brokerage is in the city intentionally so she can have a strong brokerage behind her when she helps her rural buyers sell their homes in the city.  When asked why she chose this brand, Debbie's answer was simple "I chose this image because I live it - it's always been a passion for me, I saw a niche market here and so I became a specialist in Water Valley and surrounding areas".

Part 2

What was the turning point in your real estate career and marketing strategy that moved you to top producer status? 

 Debbie Ashcroft believes that her turning point in her 6 years came a few years in after gaining a reputation, trust and a strong referral system.  Debbie shared with me that "when clients start coming back to you, your confidence builds and your sphere of influence grows".  The keys to developing this reputation and trust were education and knowledge, technology, consistency with follow up, and putting everything together.  Debbie started selling real estate in this community shortly after moving there, not knowing anybody, so she prioritized getting involved in the community,  She did it all: "volunteering, getting to know people, putting my signs everywhere,advertizing and getting my name out, and most of all retaining her loyality and good reputation".

What did you do to build your top producing business?

Debbie Ashcroft, the reigning rural top producer of Calgary is about education, follow up and marketing.  The ultimate for Debbie is "consistent follow up and working with every lead I've had", taking advantage of speakers hosted by the Calgary Real Estate Board, marketing meetings, and constantly keeping updated on the current trends and data pertaining to the real estate market which have added greatly to Debbie's understanding of the industry.   Beyond that, sending out newsletters, using email on a monthly or quarterly basis to third party referral sources and keeping herself visible and active in the community are some practical ways her top producing business was built.

What do you do to maintain your top producing business?

Calgary's Debbie Ashcroft simply does the same thing to maintain that she did to build her business "I have to stay with it", she told me "I'm always looking for new work".  If Debbie receives an unsolicited email from a stager or builder or other third party referral source, rather than clicking the 'unsubscribe' button, she shared her unique approach "I always reply back and go for a coffee to meet them...I try to open as many doors as I can".  And the reason she keeps looking for new work is straightforward "I want to consistently grow - growth is knowledge and for me that's a big part of success." 

Part 3

What are the greatest challenges in maintaining your success?

Debbie Ashcroft, of Sutton Group in Calgary, who epitomizes effectiveness in choosing an area of specialization still needs to remind herself not to venture too far beyond her niche market, regardless of temptation.  Beyond that she encourages not to get too caught up in negative media reports and attitudes "we are in an industry where people will always buy and sell.  Whatever is thrown at you, just be a little creative and get outside of your comfort zone."  On a day to day basis, Debbie attributes her success to honesty "if I make a promise, I want to deliver."  No doubt her clients want her to as well, and value the security in knowing that she will.

How did you use technology to build your business?

Sutton Group's Debbie Ashcroft had a website right from the beginning, but soon realized that unless she distinguished herself through her site, there was no reason for prospects to stop on her site over any other.  Educating herself about SEO's, applying that knowledge, reviewing her site statistics, and keeping on top of her site have been big drivers.  In addition, effective use of email, sending electronic newsletters regularly and of course carrying a BlackBerry with her to be available at the ready keep her in close contact with clients.  This techno-agent aspires to more yet, like video on her site.  So why is Debbie not yet on Twitter or blogging - "I don't want to do it to just do it, I need to be ready to do it well so people will keep coming back."  Debbie exemplifies effective utilization of technology and not just technology over saturation.

What advice would you give to agents starting out?

Calgary-based Debbie Ashcroft reflects that what was effective for her at the onset was to start small.  "Really farm an area and become an expert of that little space." She expands the definition of farming by continuing "Just be out there and talk to everybody, letting them know what you do and how you can help them.  What worked for me was volunteering."  And of course as she started small, Debbie was true to herself as she also took free courses at her board, jumped into technology, attended to each lead with care, and hosted many an open house.

Part 4

What advice would you give to agents trying to move their business to the top producing level?

Debbie Ashcroft, of Calgary has a great three word expressions: "Talk. Ask. Investigate." And that is the advice she passes on to those looking to become top producers. Talking to other professionals about what they are doing, asking yourself what you could be doing, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different, and continuing to investigate what works for others that may work for you. In her gifted way of summarizing a thought with a tag line, Debbie said to me with a smile "Gather information, be in the know and you will just get better." What is intrinsic in how Debbie gathers information is her ability to sift through the data, choose what works for her, and then intentionally apply it to her business.

What is your key differentiator from other Realtors?

Sutton Group's Debbie Ashcroft acknowledges it is difficult to pinpoint differentiators when there are so many quality Realtors out there. That being said, Debbie simply sums it up by saying "I want what I do to be the best for me and for my people...I just appreciate being a part of this business and take it seriously." Debbie's passion for people, desire to always learn and grow, and her intentionality of passing both passion and learning on to her clients is what sets her apart from the agents who just want to sell houses. In Debbie's words, the reason she does what she does is "I want happy people." And her client roster is happy - excellent customer service and ongoing follow up and care is a minimum order with Debbie.


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