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                                                                 Benefits of Log Homes

There are many advantages that come with living in a log home. These popular structures consist of the planet's oldest and most sustainable building material. They have an incomparable natural look and have become the fastest-growing type of custom home. More than 20,000 people choose to build a home out of logs each year, and there are some specific reasons for this.

Heating and Cooling Costs

In a world where energy conservation grows more and more important, energy-efficient homes are on the minds of builders everywhere. Log homes have an edge in reducing energy use for heating and cooling. Compared to their wood-framed counterparts, log homes with walls at least 6 inches thick can expect to save between 2 percent and 15 percent on heating and cooling costs. Thermal mass is the usage of the wall's capacity to control temperature.

Noise Reduction

Noisy neighbours, traffic and airplanes overhead are a few of the disturbances some people expect as a normal part of living near others. Log homeowners are less likely to notice these disturbances.

Log home interiors have significantly reduced noise pollution because of the density of the solid wood structure. Sound barely travels through this heavy material. The wood exterior actually deflects sound waves away from the building. The result is a quieter, more relaxing house.

Fire Resistance

Log homes are less likely to experience major fire damage than wood-framed houses. As large logs on a campfire smolder and burn slowly, logs in a home will do the same. Solid log walls have no hollow spaces that allow flames to spread quickly through the wall and burn large areas in a short time.

Of course, wood is far from fireproof, but the rate at which a log home will burn buys extra time to control the fire and move loved ones to safety.

Curb Appeal

Log homes are distinct in appearance and among the most beautiful homes around with proper care. The curb appeal of a well-built log home can increase value and grow your investment. Some people have their heart set on a log home and a log home only. These people are often willing to pay a premium to purchase one should you choose to sell yours. 

There are many reasons to choose a log home. It is hard to match the beauty and style, comfort and security of a log home. In today’s busy world, a log home is an escape to the peace that nature provides for us. It enables us to relax, recharge, and appreciate what surrounds us, while enjoying a well-built home that incorporates today’s conveniences.

A log home is a stunning home that never appears out of style. There is a special quality to living in a home built from natural materials. The beauty and colour of the wood brings a sense of warmth and serenity. A log home is the obvious choice for those who appreciate nature and want a home that fits naturally with the surroundings. Log homes are especially suited to mimic images from nature by incorporating such features as openness, wood, and rock. As well as feeling at home and secure in a log home, we can feel good about owning and living in a healthy home that is constructed from a renewal resource with a minimal amount of processing, manufacturing, and impact on the environment - the epitome of a green home.

Log homes are ideal to stand up to the elements. There are many stories relating how well log homes fared compared with other homes in places that have faced natural disasters. For areas concerned about high winds and seismic issues, log homes are a very good choice. When finished properly, log homes are known to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to the thermal properties of the log walls. Log homes are also admired world wide for their longevity. You can be proud to own a well-built log home that showcases the work of a true craftsman. It is a work of art, it is one of a kind, and it will keep you warm and secure.